The Cannabis Guru

The Cannabis Guru aims to inspire and empower people to use cannabis responsibly, effectively and creatively to heal themselves and improve quality of life.

As cannabis becomes more accessible to the general public, more and more exciting new products are becoming available. The Cannabis Guru guidesĀ  you through the amazing world of cannabis and gives you insight into which products suit your needs best.

For those who prefer to do it themselves, you’ll find practical & easy to follow guides and recipes to all for all your different needs.

Who Is The Cannabis Guru?

Kelly McQue is a mother, a wife, cancer survivor and cannabis enthusiast.

In 2012 Kelly’s life changed forever when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Refusing the medical options of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, she instead taught herself how to make and use cannabis oil to heal herself. Within 8 months of starting the cannabis treatment the cancer was completely gone and Kelly has been healthier and stronger ever since.

Her success with cannabis compelled her to help and advise others with using it and over the years she’s gatheredĀ  practical hands-on experience with guiding people on how to use cannabis to heal different conditions and improve general health.

Having experienced the healing powers of cannabis first hand and having witnessed others experience the same, Kelly is passionate about spreading awareness for others benefit. She believes that with the right guidance we are all able to heal ourselves with cannabis.


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