Cannabis Bath Soak – Ultimate Relaxation Therapy

There are few things more rejuvenating at the end of a long and tiring day than a hot, deep bath but add some cannabis infused oils and you take that relaxation to a whole new level.

Recently I was given some Cana Kiss from Abis INC to try out. Made from rich, all natural, vegan friendly, food grade ingredients – some of of the claims made are that it helps to ease aching muscles and joints and soothes menstrual cramps – so after a particularly brutal day in my reproductive cycle where the cramps were so severe that the pain extended right into my thighs, I decided it was time to test these claims out.

Menstrual Pain

On this particular day, I felt like a small animal was persistently trying to push itself out of my lower back. Not only was this causing me severe discomfort but – for those who don’t know this – in general periods make us ladies more sensitive to ALL pain, even pre-existing pain. So the shoulder ache that normally pulsed gently just off my radar was now throbbing deeply and noticeably. My neck ached too. And I felt miserable (as one does when your entire body aches inside and out).

Kissed By Cannabis

It was definitely time to try out Canna Kiss. I ran my bath and put a few generous blobs of the oil into the steaming water. (It’s made with nutrient-rich coconut oil which can sometimes be more solid and sometimes liquid depending on the ambient temperature but this is balanced out by the amazing benefits the coconut oil offers.)

As the oils melted in the water they released the sweet, uplifting aroma of ylang-ylang essential oil and….something else. It was subtle, that smell, but my sensitive nose found the soft undertones of cannabis released with the steam and it seemed to me that my body began relaxing just by smelling it.

I immersed myself into the hot water and my skin prickled with delight as I sank into it’s warm, soothing embrace.

As I lay in the bath I could feel the Shea Nut Butter encase my skin in a luxurious softness. It was rich and smooth and made my skin feel silky and deeply moisturised. I literally felt the cares, the worries and even the pain, melt away into the water. For the first time that day, I felt at ease. I was able to completely let go and relax and drift into a world of lightness and peace.

High On Life

Don’t worry – the oils don’t make you high – not directly. Because you’re not ingesting it internally you don’t experience any of the psycho-active side-effects normally associated with cannabis. However, up to 60% of everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, so the cannabis is still benefiting you but on a level too subtle to be consciously noticed.

However, cannabis is renowned for it’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and as I lay in the warm waters I could easily imagine the pain and toxins being drawn out of me and into the water.

A New Day

I lay in that bath for three quarters of an hour. The world outside the bathroom door stopped existing. The pain, the discomfort were all forgotten and as I languished in waters of warm relief I felt myself become the physical incarnation of Divine Bliss.

When I emerged from waters, cleansed and soothed I was in a whole new space. I was no longer bent in half with pain and self-pity – I was a whole new woman and this was a whole a new day!


Whether you suffer from pain or you want to spoil a special someone with a luxurious experience in the comfort of their own home, this product will not disappoint. Indulge yourself or a special lady in your life with this all natural cannabis bath soak and you’re bound to score some serious points!

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